Chronic inattention and absence of sufficient investment in research and development in asset management, are among fundamental reasons and root causes of challenges and issues in relation to physical assets that most of Iranian industries and organizations suffer from. This has led to reasonable gap in exploiting up-to-date technologies, standards, and management models related to physical assets and has imposed irreparable and non-compensable damage to our national resources and interests. In addition, asset intensive industries, banks, and financial institutions do not maintain or utilize their own massive volume of physical assets properly which necessitate multifold research and development investment in the field of optimal asset management. Certainly, if these investments occur accordingly at the right time, in the right place, then it may produce great and significant benefits for these organizations. Therefore, providing hands-on solutions and practical assistance to the organizations in physical assets optimal utilization and management are at the focal point of the PCN Group's mission. All the PCN Group members believe that it is nearly impossible to offer any fruitful products and services in the field of physical assets without having roots in scientific study and research supported by valid data. Hence, a wide and diverse range of research services playing complementary and supportive role for that of the others are included in our service portfolio. The research and development services and programs of the PCN Group are quite pragmatic, problem-based and result-oriented.


Research and Development Services Classification


Infrastructure research

defined in areas such as redesign of the asset management organizational structure, revise and reorganize of the operations strategy focusing on the optimal management of physical assets, restructure of the maintenance units, inventory control, procurement and etc. in order to help escalating organizational infrastructure and foundation aim at enhancing physical asset management procedures.


Research about processes

that have mainly diagnostic and pathological approach by identifying and analyzing the root causes of challenges and issues related to physical assets. These researches seek to explore practical solutions for current situation improvement, to find crisis exit (way out), and to create more added value in exploiting physical assets.


Technical research

that focuses on specific issues in solving specific problems in order to optimize utilization of physical assets in their whole life cycle (such as research in order to acquire know-how about manufacturing smart-flanges and smart-clamps for offshore pipelines, or research on the production of materials and compounds necessary for microbial corrosion prevention in oil pipelines).


Management research

that seek to modify management practices and methods, to develop competencies, and to use world-class models and standards based on organization’s management bases in areas related to the physical asset management.