Hands-ON Solutions

PCNGroup, based on valuable experience of member firms, is able to provide and implement practical solutions for provision of products and services, construction, maintenance, conservation, storage and inventory control (relying on world-class technologies and modern management practices).

This service group is categorized into seven classes:


Classification of Hands-On Solutions



Procurement of goods and materials

Many problems with the management of physical assets are rooted in the structure and methods of supplying these assets. The purchase and supply strategy has a very important role in the supply chain and asset management. This group, taking into account considerations such as environmental constraints and repair and maintenance conditions, access to spare parts, life cycle costs, training users and consumers of goods, will provide customers with goods from domestic and foreign markets.

At present, the group is able to meet the needs of our customers in the field of supplying a variety of diesel generators, turbines, pumps, valves, flanges, clamps, electric motors and their spare parts.


Design and engineering

 The PCN Group is currently ready to provide design and engineering services in the following areas:

1) Conceptual, basic and partial design of cryogenic reservoirs

2) Conceptual, basic and partial design of two shell spherical reservoirs

3) Design and engineering of pipelines

4) Design and engineering of various facilities


Production and manufacturing

The maintenance of operational readiness of physical assets throughout their life cycle will require the repair, renovation and timely reconstruction of them at different levels. Therefore, timely delivery of spare parts and components is one of the main challenges of asset management. The construction of these parts by reverse engineering is the most logical way to meet the needs. A number of companies belonging to the Petro Contract Navigators have nearly three decades of valuable experience in this field. At present, our group is especially in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing of the following parts and assemblies in the form of reverse engineering:

1) Types of centrifuge pumps and their components

2) Types of industrial valves for use in aggressive and harmful environments

3) Types of flanges and clamps used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries pipelines

4) Types of industrial bolts with special protective coatings

5) Oil and petrochemical storage tanks

6) Specific polymer components for use in specific environments


Stock and inventory control

The remarkable breakthroughs of the recent decade in the field of information technology have provided new capabilities for integrated and comprehensive inventory control. On the other hand, the process of warehousing has undergone a new and serious transformation. The Petro Contract Navigators is ready to provide services and products that will bring us closer to the physical asset management, utilizing the modern technologies. Among these products and services are:

1) Provide virtual warehouse control software

2) Use of VCI technology to preserve stored goods

3) Redesigning, rearranging, and modifying warehouse layout for better asset management and facilitating inventory control.

4) Using new methods and technologies for labeling and electronic control of goods transportation

5) Placing the workflow of warehouses and the process of moving and transporting goods on the blockchain.


Protection and preservation of goods

Physical asset management is central to the focus of the Petro Contract Navigators group's mission. Protection and preservation of physical assets in aggressive and damaging environments is one of the most important components of physical asset management. Therefore, the Pars Sanat Keymand Company, which has valuable experience and expertise in this field, has been invited as a member of the group. Pars Sanat Keymand Co., acting on behalf of the Petro Contract Navigators group and supported by Zerust, Germany which is one of the most reputable companies in the field of the protection and maintenance of goods and equipment.

This company based on API and NACE standards and Utilizing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI), provides its services in the following headings:

• Packing equipment and components for protection and preservation against rust and corrosion in long term (Long Term Preservation)

• Providing rust remover

• Protecting power panels against rust and corrosion

• Preventive coatings

• Protect flanges, valves and fittings (Flange Saver)

• Floor and roof protection against corrosion (AST Preservation)

• Protection of underground pipelines in protective tube (Pipe Casing)


Product preservation based on application

Protecting equipment and spare parts (against corrosion for long time, protective coatings, anti-corrosive capsules and rust removers)

• Protecting flanges, valves and fittings

• Protection of tanks (protecting the floor of the tanks, the roof of fixed and movable tanks against corrosion and rust)

• Protecting and repairing pipelines (protecting underground pipelines in a protective tube, repairing pipelines using carbon strips, reinforcing pipelines using polyolefin technology).


IT support strategies

Managing a physical asset over a long period of time (asset life cycle) requires the recording, processing and continuous analysis of a large amount of data and information related to the performance and management systems of the asset. Techniques and tools like Blockchain, Big data, IoT, etc. all serve the management of the supply chain and management of physical assets, and in the near future, without these tools and techniques, management of physical assets is not conceivable. For this reason, the PCN Group is ready to provide its customers with the following products and services:

1) Preparation and compilation of electronic IDs of physical assets

2) Design and production of physical asset management software

3) Design and manufacture of custom inventory control software on the block chain platform

4) Design and production of warehousing and inventory control software based on RFID technology

5) Development of IT-based solutions at various stages of the physical asset life cycle

6) Design and production of maintenance software

7) Design and production of reliability engineering software

8) Design and production of risk management software

At the same time, PCN Group of companies will provide consulting and research services to its customers in the application of new technologies in the field of supply chain management, physical asset management, maintenance and repair of equipment and machinery. Among these, we can mention the use of technologies such as Digital Twin and Augmented Reality.