Classification of Implementation Services


Implement a comprehensive and integrated system for the physical asset management

Organizing, designing processes, key performance indicators, modifying and developing software and hardware infrastructure, developing managerial and technical competencies, establishing management models and standards, and integrating internal and external components of the physical asset management system are among the most important areas that the PCN Group is ready to provide consulting services.


Implementation of the ISO-55001 standard

This management standard is currently the most prestigious international standard in the field of physical asset management, which is the prerequisite for logical and effective entry into the physical asset management road.


Assess and promote the organization's maturity level in physical asset management

Self-assessment and evaluation models of organization's maturity level in physical asset management help to clarify the status quo and identify the weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. In addition to assessing the level of maturity, the group's counseling services also provide clients with solutions for improving their condition and raising the level of maturity.