Unfortunately, in many organizations and industries, the physical asset management as a management philosophy does not have enough structure, processes and infrastructure. Although preventive maintenance has a relatively long history in some organizations, the physical asset management is beyond maintenance and includes many other organizational processes. Hence, the promotion of culture and exploitation of the fundamentals, foundations, models and standards related to physical asset management requires a national and international scientific effort.

In this regard, the PCN Group, along with a diverse range of products and services related to physical assets, also provides consulting services as complementary and back-up products and services to customers.

Our consulting services in the field of asset management are designed and delivered in the context of problem-based and result-oriented approaches and are categorized in five general categories:


Classification of Consultancy Services


Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance and maintenance have a special place in the physical asset management. Therefore, we are providing consulting services to customers in the area of preventive maintenance.


Stock and inventory control

A major part of the organizations physical assets are parts, equipment, tools, and materials which are maintained and controlled in the warehouses. The lack of proper management of this important part of physical assets results in loss of market share and key customers. The consulting services of the group in this area include management and engineering services, which is the result of scientific, practical, and executive experience of consultants in the PCN Co.


Reliability engineering

The reliability of key equipment and facilities is one of the main factors affecting the continuation of the production process. Our consulting services cover the promotion of the level of physical assets and practical solutions to this important goal.


Repair and protection of parts and equipment

Aggressive environments and inappropriate environmental conditions cause physical and chemical damage to many parts, equipment, machinery, facilities and tools during operation and storage. Our consultants, which have useful experience in this field, help to maintain operational readiness of parts and equipment throughout their life cycle.


Corrosion control

Corrosion and rusting is one of the main causes of physical damage, especially in aggressive environments and in areas exposed to saltwater and acidic and alkaline materials. Consulting and specialized services in this field can play a key role in the decision making of managers and relevant experts in this regard. The PCN Group, in cooperation with professors and experts in the field of management and control of corrosion, is ready to provide consulting services in this field.